Local Governments

About County Government


County government is responsible for providing services both to “unincorporated” areas of the county (areas outside of the cities) and to the individual cities themselves.

For unincorporated areas, the county provides city-like services including public safety, road maintenance, and parks.

For individual cities, the county takes on responsibility for services and activities that cannot or should not be handled at the city level. For example, it makes more sense to pay for the housing and care of local prisoners at the county jail rather than the city level. Other examples are building inspections, mass transit, and human services.

The county also handles large-scale recreation facilities. Central Park, England Idlewild Park, and Boone Woods Park are examples in Boone County. Programs for seniors, the animal shelter, disaster and emergency planning, and certain tax collection and federal housing programs all address needs that cut across city boundaries and are therefore handled by the county.

Economic Development, job creation, is one of the most important roles of Boone County. The county's economic development department is the Tri-County Economic Development Agency or Tri-Ed. The Judges Executive of Boone, Campbell, and Kenton County's rotate as Chair of Tri-Ed and appoint a majority of its board of directors. It's mission is to attract and retain businesses, thus creating high paying jobs in the county and throughout Northern Kentucky. Tri-Ed and Boone County are a national leader in areas of job creation and the attraction and retention of companies.

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